Community-Engaged Teaching and Research: Community Partner Spotlight

By Abby Waldron and Erin Lynch
August 8, 2023

House of Possibilities (HOPe), a disabilities services provider that supports over 300 children and adults annually from over 60 communities across Massachusetts, is a Northeastern Service-Learning partner. Based out of HOPe’s Boston location, Service-Learning occurs at an embedded Jewish Vocational Services (JVS) Economic Opportunity Center site. HOPe and JVS Boston has partnered to provide a cutting-edge Career & Community Access Program (CCAP) to young adults with disabilities transitioning out of high school and on a pathway to employment.

The Northeastern Service-Learning opportunity has been a wonderful, mutually beneficial experience. Students led a health and fitness class where they chose a topic and planned a weekly hands-on activity. HOPe members looked forward to this lesson and formed close relationships with the students.

Northeastern students and HOPe members are in similar stages of their life as they are discovering what they are passionate about and trying to establish their professional careers. This inclusive opportunity allowed students and members to broaden their social circles, creating unique connections. In doing so, it shifted students’ perspectives regarding the potential of individuals with disabilities. We have had five students partner with HOPe, and we are looking forward to more opportunities! You can view examples of student artifacts from partnerships with HOPe on our Virtual EXPO, here.

Abby Waldron and Erin Lynch from HOPe worked collaboratively on this piece. Abby is the Community Resource Specialist and works to establish partnerships with the surrounding community to increase opportunities for members. Erin is the Director of our CCAP Boston program, and she manages those members, assesses their needs, and helps them meet their personal and professional goals.

Unveil the full story of our remarkable efforts and groundbreaking initiatives on our web page on the thrilling 2022-2023 year!

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