Information for Spring 2024 Community Partners

Community-Engaged Teaching and Research is supporting nearly 60 service-learning courses this Spring 2024 semester.

Thank you to our community partners for making this possible!

Key Dates for Spring 2024

  • Conversations between faculty members, S-LTAs, and Community Partner representatives: NOW-Start of Classes
  • First Day of Classes: January 8th
  • Partnership Orientation (virtual event for Spring 2024 faculty members, S-LTAs, and Community Partner representatives): Tuesday, January 9th, 3:00-4:30pm, on Zoom.
  • Orientation and first-meetings between enrolled students and community partners: mid-January-Early February, ideally by February 1st.
  • Semester mid-point (mid-semester partner evaluation will be distributed by CETR at this time): Week of February 26th
  • Last Day of Classes: April 17th

Each service-learning course has their own course-specific schedule that should be shared with community partners at the start of the semester. If you are unsure about the timeline and expectations for your course partnerships, please ask the assigned S-LTA or the CETR team.

Confirmed Course Partnerships

Confirmed Course Partnerships Here. This is from Fall 2023 Partnership Orientation and updated by S-LTAs as of mid-October 2023.

Mid-Semester and Final Community Partner Evaluations

Mid-semester evaluations* for community partners were released mid-October. Submit by 10/20 at this link:

*information/comments submitted are shared directly with faculty and S-LTAs. If you would like to share private feedback with CETR, please email

Final CP evaluations will be released late November and due 12/5.

Semester Kick-Off: Events and Resources

Partnership Orientation

Spring 2024 Partnership Orientation will be held on Tuesday, January 9th from 3:00-4:30pm, on Zoom.

The purpose of this event is (1) to bring together faculty, S-LTAs, and community partners for semester expectation setting and course-specific conversations and (2) to kick-off the semester with broader CETR context and program information. Not every course partnership will be represented, but we ask that you plan to attend or send a representative, if possible.

You will receive an email invitation shortly after the new year. Please keep your eyes open for that email and RSVP (yes or no) as soon as possible.

Key Resources

We know there are a lot of unknowns with service-learning courses and it can be difficult to know what to talk about before the semester begins. The conversation guides below are meant to act as discussion aides for these conversations and when saved, can be a formal agreement for semester partnerships.

Part 1: Use this to think about high-level goals, activities, and logistics.

Part 2: Use this to dive deeper…questions should help you gain a more holistic understanding of goals and perspectives with a course partnerships

Slides from Partnership Orientation: Access the slides utilized during our September 7th Partnership Orientation for faculty, community partners, and student leaders HERE.

Understanding Service-Learning Partnerships at the University

Most semester-based resources focus on the “what you need to know now” – and while this is important for navigating our various systems, we also know many of you are curious about how service-learning operates on a higher level. Our team has spent time cultivating multiple resources to aid community partners in gaining an understanding of the university system, service-learning as a form of experiential learning, and community-university partners for organizational impact. Explore the resources highlighted below – you can also access these on our resource repository whenever you need!

Self-Guided Module: collaborations to support organizational goals

This module has three main sections and can be completed in approximately 20-30 minutes (or less). Newly created in 2023, we highly recommend taking the time to review!

Access Community Partner Module Here

Request for Partnerships Process

It is likely you have already seen this page if you are set as a Spring community partner. If not, this webpage shares information about our primary method for recruiting semester-based partnerships. It also links to a self-guided module that focuses more on our systems and operations with community partners.

Opportunities and Events Across our Network

If you have any opportunities or events that you would like to see promoted to other organizations, please send it to our team at