View our Community Partner Onboarding Module (below), which provides a detailed overview of the process.

What is it?

The RFP is our primary method for collecting community partner goals, volunteer needs, and research questions for each semester. This is not an application process, rather a community intake to gather opportunities for collaboration across community-engaged teaching and research courses and projects.

When does it happen?

We launch the RFP two to three months in advance of each academic semester. Keep an eye out for the RFP in June (for fall semester planning) and in November (for spring semester planning). When possible, we try to keep community partners with the same courses over the entire academic year and build consistency across course and community partnerships.

Who is it for?

Any community-based or social change entity can submit to our RFP. We do not have a 501(c)3 requirement for partners. We work with a variety of community social change-makers including local artists, neighborhood associations, community groups, small businesses, foundations, schools, and beyond. You can view a list of our recent community partners here.

What do I need to prepare?

The RFP form collects broader organizational information and mission, as well as specific student engagement requests. If you have a general project or goal in mind, but aren’t sure exactly how you’d like to collaborate with students, we still encourage you to submit. We will follow up to better understand and scope engagement! If you are a returning community partner, the form allows you to indicate whether you are submitting to continue hosting students in a current/existing role, or submit a new one.

What are the possibilities?

View examples of past course and community partner collaborations on our Virtual EXPO! Courses (and project possibilities) range from semester to semester. We will release an overview of the types of courses that are seeking partners each semester to you to upcoming opportunities. Even if you don’t see something that directly aligns with your goals, we encourage you to submit an RFP. If working with us isn’t a great fit this semester, we will identify others across our network who might be able to collaborate with you.

Specific oppportunities for courses still seeking partnerships can be viewed here. This is not an exhaustive list, but highlights some courses that are actively seeking partnerships. Please reach out to our team if you have specific questions and include your interest in one or more of the projects in the form.

One way in which community partners enter into our network each semester is through our Request for Partnership process. The RFP is our primary method for collecting community partner goals, volunteer needs, and research questions for each semester. These responses are used to facilitate partnerships for community-engaged courses.