The CETR Advisory Board comprises faculty and staff across the university who act as representations and ambassadors of CETR’s work across campus.

Jalene Tamerat, Ph.D., Co-Chair

Associate Director, Community-Engaged Teaching and Research

Becca Berkey, Ph.D.

Director, Community-Engaged Teaching and Research

Interim Director, University Honors Program

Ann Golub-Victor, DPT

Clinical Professor, Health Sciences

Shan Mohammed, M.D., Co-chair

Clinical Professor, Health Sciences

Chair, Health Sciences

Global Resilience Institute

Center for Health Policy and Law

Aspa Papanastasiou

Associate Director, Global Employer Relations

Chelsea Lauder

Program Manager, Community-Engaged Teaching and Research

Brian McGrath

Senior Associate Director for Analytics

Devin Smith

Associate Director, Student Success

Ellen Goldman

Senior Associate Director, Career Development

Jeff Howe

Assistant Professor, Journalism

Visiting Scholar at MIT

Katie Fulton, M.Ed.

Senior Associate Director, Undergraduate Admissions

Kim Lucas, Ph.D.

Professor, Public Policy and Urban Affairs

Liz Allen, Ph.D.

Associate Director of Research Development, CAMD

Missy McElligott, Ph.D.

Associate Teaching Professor, Biology

Director of Undergraduate Studies

Elise Dallimore, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Communications

Giordana Mecagni

Head, Special Collections and University Archives

Justin Silvestri, M.Ed.

Associate Director, University Honors Program

Katy Schulte- Grahame, M.Ed., Ph.D.

Associate Director, First-Year Engineering

Lisa Worsh, M.Ed.

Faculty Coordinator, Senior Cooperative Education

Lorna Hayward, Ed.D., DPT

Associate Professor, Health Sciences

Melissa Berry Woods, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, English

Rick Porter, Ph.D.

Professor, Mathematics